Fesenko Aleksei

Age: 35

Phone:  +38(067)-662-61-4-one E-mail: fesenko & ukrgeo.org

Education: the highest.

1) 1995-2000yy. The Odessa national university

Faculty: the geological and geographical

Specialty: hydrogeology, engineering geology, ecological geology

Qualification: geological engineer, hydrogeologist, geologist.

2) 2000-2004 – postgraduate study of the Odessa national university

3) 2004 – protection of the master’s thesis in the field of engineering geology and hydrogeology. The scientific rank is appropriated: candidate of geological sciences (PhD in geology)

4) 2010 – the rank is appropriated: “The laureate of the state award of Ukraine in the field of science and equipment” for research works in the field of regional engineering geology.


1) 1995-2002 – The Black Sea regional geological survey (Odessa), the geologist, the leading geologist (on contractual bases). Main type of works: works on geological and hydrogeological additional appraisal of the areas (design of works, development of regional GIS-systems, geological databases, the geoinformation analysis of data, processing and the analysis of multispectral data of remote sensing of Earth, monitoring of exogenous geological processes (field and cameral works).

2) 1999-2003 – the leading geologist of the Lvov research center of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Lviv (on contractual bases). Main types of works: development of regional expected and search GIS-systems, geological databases, the geoinformation analysis of geological and geophysical data, expected and search works on gold, uranium, diamonds and B’day.

3) 1995-2010 – participation in meetings, seminars, including. international in the field of regional geology, GIS-technology, Remote sensing technologies.

4) 2000-2004 – the manager of computer laboratory of engineering-geological modeling of chair of engineering geology and ONU hydrogeology of I.I.Mechnikova. Research work in the field of regional engineering geology. The work organization лаборатории.

5) 2002 – 2005, Research Center RPI NAN of Ukraine (Kiev), the junior researcher (in combination and on contractual bases). Research work in the field of regional engineering geology and hydrogeology of Ukraine (the Crimea, the Chernobyl NPP, the Central Ukraine, Black Sea Coast).

6) 1995-2013. President of Public organization “Research Institute of Geological and Ecological Monitoring and Forecasting”. The guide of the organization, the organization of scientific and tourist expeditions to Ukraine and Rossii.

7) 2000-2013. – contractual research works with the branch enterprises in the field of regional hydrogeology, geology and engineering geology, ecological geology such as:” Complex assessment of an environment of laying of the designed transcontinental gas pipeline on the territory of South America and Bolivia “, ” an assessment of geological and tectonic conditions of the area of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant “, ” an assessment of level of seismic danger of the North Western Black Sea Coast “, ” an assessment of prospects of use of underground waters in Mountain to the Crimea “, ” an assessment of prospects of an almazonostnost of the territory of the Ukrainian board”.

8) 2012 – the leading geologist of seasonal geologic-geophysical party (the Western Africa (the republic of Sierra Leone). Field scientific and methodical works on use of the modern georadar ROD complexes (land and water – with the current batimetrichesky shooting) in geological researches and to introduction of geodetic GPS, Glonass – the equipment when carrying out field prospecting works. Main type of works – scientific and methodical and technological maintenance of works.

9) 2004-2013. – the associate professor of engineering geology and ONU hydrogeology of (Odessa). Scientific and teaching

10) 2013. The senior research associate of the Scientific and engineering center of radioecologogeologichesky polygon researches at Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Scientific works: in 2000-2013 scientific monographs 4 and 35 scientific articles are published. Areas of participation in field works: The Ukrainian board, the Carpathians, the Crimea, North Western – Black Sea Coast, the Urals (northern, average), the Western Africa.

Areas of participation in cameral works: Ukraine, South America, Yakutia, Western Africa.